Reasons Married Couples Often Fight

Marriage is not something trivial, marriage is something that according to religion and law needs to be maintained, whose name marriage should not be for the game, or again just to try it, of course, this is not good for household harmony. Even when marriage is initially just a plaything alone will cause the marriage will not last long. Then there will be something that is not desirable, whether it is divorce or bicker. What often happens is an argument, it’s hard to avoid a home run. However in the household will not just walk straight, there will be things that really make the family’s life a fight. There are so many causes of family fighting. But if you and your partner want to fix everything, you can visit our website and find Divorce Mediators.

Here are some of the causes that can make married couples fight:

– The desires are not the same
As a human being must have many desires, either a desire that is profitable for oneself or a desire for others or for your household relationship. But all that sometimes cannot work well if there is no initial agreement in the household. These desires that run this can actually make the family quarrel. Either being equally selfish or one too selfish and unwilling to budge. So that easily this can make the family threatened and always fighting. Even if the family often quarrel making psychological is not good, so it is difficult to think clearly.

– Lack of communication and coordination
Wherever it is, communication is very important. Be it in the organization, in the company, in the factory and wherever it is no exception in the household as well. Lack of communication or commonly called miscommunication can cause everything desired is difficult to achieve. Whereas in the family there is definitely a desire to move forward and move on. Especially fulfilling one by one the ideals of their families that have been written in family plans. But if there is no good communication then it will be difficult to achieve.

– One or both are selfish
Wanting anywhere, selfish is not good, even selfishness can destroy any harmony that has been painfully built, selfishness usually makes what it wants to be difficult to achieve, because this selfishness makes positive thoughts or positive aura that should exist in a person to be lost and even there is a lot of negative thoughts, cannot accept any input from others. Precisely this is not good for family peace, yet so in such circumstances will make one of them go looking for calm, still mending serenity that is sought only sightseeing or go to summit and others, but if the new partner sought, precisely this which will make the couple’s relationship bring up regret at the end.